Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen offers many advantages as a maritime fuel


Hydrogen doesn't pollute, its only sub products is water!


Our fuel cells use the latest technology


We are experienced in boat building and hydrogen propulsion systems development

e-H2boats: join the eco-fast boat movement

Thanks to the close collaboration between JALVASUB Engineering and Moggaro Aluminium Yacht shipyards, we are developing and customizing e-H2boats. They are innovative and highly reliable naval surface platforms, successfully tested at sea.

Jet boat 480 WJ

Jet boat 600 WJ


Pontoon house

Custom designs specifically made to fit your needs. Please contact us with your requirements.

Have your boat converted to electric and enjoy the silence and fuel savings of our propulsion systems.


e-H2boats is a project by Moggaro shipyards and JALVASUB Engineering SL
Moggaro shipyard



Moggaro Shipyard is a pioneer in the design and construction of naval aluminium boats for recreational and professional use.

JALVASUB Engineering SL

JALVASUB Engineering SL

Fuel cells & Hydrogen specialist

JALVASUB Engineering SL makes these highly innovative and efficient energy systems available to the market,

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